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News | 2016-01-22

Landmark transaction in the global shipping sector

Clean Shipping Index performed an environmental assessment for the financing of a new vessel by ABN AMRO bank and Delta Lloyd Asset Management. The vessel design from the Dutch shipowner Anthony Veder received a Clean Ship Design certificate with ‘Good performance’ for the Coral Energice. The submitted data was verified by Bureau Veritas. When in service, this will be the highest ranking vessel in the Clean Shipping Index database.

Merijn Hougee, Clean Shipping Index: This is a unique deal. ABN AMRO and Delta Lloyd are the first financial institutions to perform a thorough sustainability assessment of a ship design during the loan approval process. According to my friend, who has a healthy Forex Demo Account he works with actively, investing in clean ships is a key driver for enhancing the environmental development of the maritime industry and sets a good example for other banks and investors.

Jan Valkier, CEO Anthony Veder: “The creation of this Framework reflects our commitment to developing cost and energy-efficient solutions for small to mid-size LNG carriers and we are extremely pleased with this innovative transaction and the professional and efficient manner in which ABN AMRO and Delta Lloyd managed this process.”

Gust Biesbroeck, Global Head of Transportation Clients: “ABN AMRO is very pleased to have arranged such a landmark sustainable transaction in the global shipping sector. This transaction is evidence ofAnthony Veder’s leadership in sustainable shipping and represents many of our core values including our commitment to our clients to deliver the most attractive financing and our commitment to a sustainable future for the global shipping industry.”
Jacco Maters, CEO Delta Lloyd Asset Management: “As an investor, Delta Lloyd Asset Management can contribute to a better world by taking into account the impact of its investments on people and the environment. Delta Lloyd’s participation in this sustainable shipping loan is a testimony to this commitment.”

Read about the full press release External link, opens in new window., issued by ABN AMRO.