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News | 2016-05-16

Clean tech supplier Lean Marine AB becomes member of Clean Shipping Index

Next company to sign up for membership and CSI usage is Lean Marine AB External link, opens in new window.. The fuel saving potential from their systems is highly considerable and are already in use on several vessels. Quick decreases in fuel consumption of 15-20 percent are reported from their customers which proves the high potential. To have Lean Marine included in the Clean Shipping Network community imply interesting opportunities for relating technical solutions to CSI scores.

Clean Shipping Index is a unique tool that may be of great importance for our business. Nicklas Karlsson says, Project Manager at Lean Marine AB.

About Lean Marine

Lean Marine AB is a Swedish based company with the mission to improve ship performance and work towards better environmental solutions and sustainability within the marine industry. Their focus is to make a significant difference with fuel savings, reliability and improved operations of commercial vessels. Lean Marine’s main core competence is within design and manufacturing of reliable fuel optimization systems and propulsion control systems, both for new ship buildings as well as for upgrades of existing vessels. The company possesses long experience in propulsion control systems, marine power electronic systems, customized marine engineering and hydrodynamics.

Clean Shipping Index and Network look forward to cooperate with Lean Marine AB.